Injury Activates Transient Olfactory Stem Cell States With Diverse Lineage Capacities



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Diya Das1,6, Levi Gadye7, Michael A. Sanchez1, Kelly Street5,9, Ariane Baudhuin1, Allon Wagner2,9, Michael B. Cole3,9, Yoon Gi Choi8, Nir Yosef2,9, Elizabeth Purdom4,9, Sandrine Dudoit4,5,6,9, Davide Risso5, John Ngai1,7,8 and Russell B. Fletcher1

Affiliations: Depts. of 1Molecular & Cell Biology, 2Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, 3Physics, and 4Statistics; 5Division of Biostatistics; 6Berkeley Institute for Data Science;7Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, 8QB3 Functional Genomics Laboratory and 9Center for Computational Biology

University of California, Berkeley