About me

I’m a rising sixth year PhD candidate (entering class of 2012; graduating May 2018) in the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology at UC Berkeley, where I study molecular mechanisms of regeneration in the olfactory epithelium as a member of the Ngai Lab. I analyze how olfactory stem cells mediate differentiation and regeneration using single-cell RNA sequencing. I characterize cell types, identify coordinated gene expression to provide insights into potential regulators of these processes, and make inferences about lineage trajectories that describe the paths from quiescent stem cells to differentiated cells.

I’m currently Co-Director of Beyond Academia, a graduate student organization whose mission is to encourage career exploration among our peers. I served on the logistics and speakers committees for our 2017 Conference, and I’m the Organizational Development Lead. I’m an organizer of the 2017 CDIPS Data Science Workshop, which aims to encourage graduate students and postdocs to explore data science via projects.

I previously was a member of the planning committee for the Expanding Your Horizons Conference at Berkeley and the Student Health Advisory Committee for four years, as well as several departmental committees. I also served as student Co-President of the MCB Graduate Student & Alumni Association, which facilitates relationships between graduate students, alumni, and our department.