MCB Graduate Student Organization
Secretary (June 2014 – June 2016)

The MCB Graduate Student Organization serves as a liaison between the Graduate Assembly, the department, and our fellow students. GSO members actively participate in graduate recruitment, departmental seminars, faculty search committees, and policy decisions.

Roles: I joined the GSO through my election to the Graduate Affairs Committee and was elected Secretary of the GSO by my fellow officers for two years. During this period, I:

  • Coordinated a much-needed website redesign, with the outgoing secretary
  • Helped update the constitution, to match existing processes and clarify language
  • Coordinated meetings and votes
  • Served as liaison between the GSO and other campus groups, as maintainer of the website and email account

I remained an officer of the GSO through June 2017, as liaison to the MCB Graduate Student & Alumni Association.