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Beyond Academia
Co-Director & Development Lead (January 2017 - January 2018)
Development Committee (January 2017 - January 2018)
Logistics and Speakers Committees (May 2016 - March 2017)

Beyond Academia is an organization of approximately 15 graduate student and postdocs at UC Berkeley whose mission is to provide opportunities for our peers to explore careers outside of the tenure track. Our flagship event is a two-day conference featuring dozens of professionals with PhDs who have successfully transitioned to careers outside the tenure track, though we also program other events throughout the year. Read more


Deconstructing Olfactory Stem Cell Trajectories at Single Cell Resolution

Cell Stem Cell, June 2017

The olfactory epithelium is a site of active neurogenesis. We combine single-cell transcriptomics and clonal lineage analysis to trace cell fates from the multipotent olfactory stem cell and identify multiple mechanisms controlling cell fate, including direct conversion of quiescent stem cells into support cells without cell division. Read more

clusterExperiment and RSEC: A Bioconductor package and framework for clustering of single-cell and other large gene expression datasets

PLOS Computational Biology, September 2018

With the increasing popularity of single-cell transcriptome sequencing, many experiments are creating large gene expression datasets with the goal of detecting previously unknown heterogeneity within cells. We introduce a Bioconductor R package, clusterExperiment, that implements a general and flexible clustering strategy we entitle Resampling-based Sequential Ensemble Clustering (RSEC). Read more

Cellular mechanisms of epithelial stem cell self‐renewal and differentiation during homeostasis and repair

WIREs Developmental Biology, August 2019

Epithelia in adult mammals exhibit remarkable regenerative capacities owing to the presence of adult stem cells. Signaling pathways such as WNT, bone morphogenetic protein, and Sonic Hedgehog play critical roles in stem cell maintenance and cell fate decisions across diverse epithelia and conditions, suggesting that conserved mechanisms underlie the regenerative capacity of adult epithelial structures. Read more


Making a To-Do List That Works for You

Becoming More Productive: Workflow Strategies for Graduate Students, October 2016

This presentation was part of a workshop hosted by the UC Berkeley Library for students in the life & health sciences. Read more

Introduction to R & RStudio

UC Berkeley - The Hacker Within (Berkeley Institute for Data Science), November 2016

I gave a tutorial introducing R & the RStudio IDE to first-time users. Read more

Data Tidying and Transformation in R & Python

UC Berkeley - The Hacker Within (Berkeley Institute for Data Science), March 2017

I led an interactive tutorial on the basics of data tidying & transformation in R; my colleague David DeTomaso (Python) and I interspersed our presentations so as to aid both R and Python users in learning the other language by making clear analogies. Read more

Data Visualization in R

UC Berkeley - The Hacker Within (Berkeley Institute for Data Science), March 2017

I gave a tutorial on the basics of visualization in R, using Jupyter Notebooks to produce an illustrative guide. Read more

Yet Another Git(Hub) Tutorial

UC Berkeley - CDIPS Data Science Workshop Tutorials Week (Berkeley Institute for Data Science), June 2017

I gave a presentation on the basics of Git and GitHub, geared towards first-time users in collaborative settings. Read more

Utility Functions in R

UC Berkeley - The Hacker Within (Berkeley Institute for Data Science), October 2017

I gave a tutorial on environments in R and customizing startup environments. Read more